In this video we talk about how learning about your pain will allow you to get back to moving, and moving will allow you to live your life free from pain

This course will help people with chronic pain and people with new injuries to become less fearful of moving strategically helping them break out of, or avoid the chronic injury trap. Come on this journey with us to rediscover the joy of movement & live your life free from pain

Hi Everyone!! Over the next 10 weeks, we are going to be giving you a unique treatment through exploring the science behind pain and how to move again with chronic pain, which will free you up to get back to doing the things you love

What are some topics you’d like us to cover/questions you’d like us to answer? Please drop them in the comments below, and be on the lookout for our first video!

Chronic pain patients and patients who are nervous about a recent injury feel helpless thinking they will never get better, they are scared to move, they are stuck pain catastrophizing, and traditional biomedical (this tissue causes this issue *treating the tissue only works in a subcategory of pain patients) approaches have failed them.

By teaching chronic pain patients that the tissue is no longer the issue or people who have tissue issues do not always have pain, we can shift focus to combat an overly sensitive nervous system with movement. Teaching pain science will also allow people with new injuries to become less fearful of moving strategically in the early phases post injury preventing them from getting stuck in a chronic pain cycle.

We want to help people who have: been in pain for over 2 months, who have recently injured themselves and are worried about long term complications, as well as anyone who wants to learn about pain science

We are going to take you through a pain neuroscience class to help patients in chronic pain have a free resource to feel empowered to take back control of their life

We want to help with the chronic pain crisis with a free class on our website, vlogs, blogs, patient handouts, facebook live/posts, youtube videos, instagram short clips, and even exercise template creation.

We are in the midst of a chronic pain epidemic. It is estimated that 126.1 million adults experience pain for over 3 months with 25.3 million suffering daily chronic pain. It is not uncommon for people to go to over 5 different health care providers looking for answers and we are all too familiar with the opioid epidemic.

We are going to help treat this epidemic through modules

Each module will start with answers to the questions you bring up along the way, then we will move into the days lesson with a metaphor, then we will break down that metaphor and tie it into pain science, we will then look at a research article about scary findings in patients that does not cause them pain so you can feel reassured that your diagnosis is not a 100% guarantee to stop living your life, we will then go over an action step handout to get you on the road to living your life again, and finish with a action step homework assignment .

Along this process we will be giving you resources on how to apply this to help your current irritation. Other resources will be hands outs, links to screening questions to help you know if pain science coaching is going to benefit you, and pain science quizzes to bring to light misconceptions surrounding pain that are keeping you from living your best life.

Before getting started always seek a medical evaluation to rule out ominous/red flags with your pain

 By answering questions from these screenings listed below you can know if you are an ideal person to benefit from pain neuroscience education

Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia  - Scores range from 11 to 44, where the higher the score, the greater the fear of pain with movement 23/24 and up

Pain Catastrophizing Scale0-29 No Catastrophizing 30-52 Catastrophizing

Central Sensitivity Intake - Subclinical: 0 to 29, Mild: 30 to 39, Moderate: 40 to 49, Severe: 50 to 59

If you are high on the tampa scale, in or above the 30s on the pain Catastrophizing scale, and in or above the 40s on the central sensitivity intake you would be an ideal candidate for this course. If you are not, you may still benefit from being empowered to move strategically with your pain. You can also stick around for the pain science learning and stories : )

Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia Pain Catastrophizing Scale

Your First Home Work Assignment Will Be To Go To Supplemental Goal Planning Lesson

Do not worry we have a document that will walk you through everything and then make it where all you have to do is follow the calendar each week

To set yourself up for success you will have a little bit more homework assignments this week, but future lessons will have a lot less to do. Your first assignements will be to take the screenings we lsited above, then make your SMART goal/goals, start using the pain journal and see if you can move for 2 mins for 3 days.

Head over to next lesson so your action steps are much more clear, we have a calender at the end of it to help you follow through as well : )



Goal Setting Lesson

We are excited about what this class will do to reframe how you look at pain, which will get you back to doing the things you love in daily life again

We are so proud of you for undertaking this course and taking your pain head on

This process can be a lot, so do not hesitate to slow down to your own pace. You are not alone. If you are stuck and need more help do not even hesitate to reach out to us.  

Your life is waiting for you again on the other side of this course, till next time guys 🙂

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