A major part of treating chronic pain and taking back control of your life can be accomplished simply by learning about pain and getting back to movement.

I want to help you navigate the mystery of chronic pain by teaching you pain science that has the potential to change your life and reframe the control pain has over you. Your journey to taking back control of your functional independence and life starts with this first lesson and the ones to follow.

Hey guys welcome to part 1 of our treating chronic pain

Thank you for coming back today and sticking with us on this journey to take back control of your life from pain!

Comment and let us know if you were able to go through the screens and start working on the pain Journal? Also what questions have come up now that you have access to this module?

This series is mainly to provide a guide and resource to navigate pain for people who have tried everything for their pain but they are stuck and feel like they are right back at square one...

No matter how many providers or treatments they have tried

You are not alone, because we are in the midst of a chronic pain epidemic, it is estimated that 126.1 million adults experience pain for over 3 months with 25.3 million suffering daily chronic pain.

It is not uncommon for people to go to over 5 different health care providers looking for answers and we are all too familiar with the opioid epidemic.

Traditionally, we have looked at a biomedical cartesian-like system of pain…

 This part of the body is damaged which in turn causes your pain, but is the tissue the issue in chronic pain?

 This plagued me as a young hot shot progressive chiropractor who was biomedical and orthopedic. I was gung ho to diagnose the sole problem and then stop pain with my hands and vast knowledge of rehab. I helped a ton of people, but I started having the occasional patient not responding...

That's where my ocd and passion to help people kicked in and drove me to delve deeper into this sub category of patients. I will never forget when the seed was planted at that time reading a new research paper (Systematic Literature Review of Imaging Features of Spinal Degeneration in Asymptomatic Populations ) “The prevalence of disk degeneration in asymptomatic individuals increased from 37% of 20-year-old individuals to 96% of 80-year-old individuals.” “All imaging findings examined in this review had an increasing prevalence with increasing age, and some findings (disk degeneration and signal loss) were present in nearly 90% of individuals 60 years of age or older.” How could one person have the same tissue issue and be pain free, as someone with the same Dx who is not responding to chiropractic, PT, medicine, injections and surgeries? 

Another way to think about it is when you find a bruise you did not know you had or how you got it

We can get deeper into the research in future lessons, but for now the examples above and below of how your tissue can have an issue and you never have pain will suffice

A less sciency way to think of this is a facebook reel video I watched where a dad holding his daughter went past a door and smacked it with his hand, and then grabbed his baby's head saying oh no I am so sorry… The baby balled crying until the dad said you did not actually hit the door frame I was teasing you. 

What would you start doing today if the tissue is not the issue in your life?

 Imagine how great it would feel:

To be able to find a movement that you can do pain free, to be able to reframe your loss of daily independence, and to be able to get back to doing something you love. Next week we will continue on this path of reframing what pain is so you can feel confident to gradually start adding movement back into your life, 

Is there anything you can do for 2 minutes that does not cause you pain?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and this is that step... Movement is the spark your nervous system needs to unlock your long term potential of getting back your life.

Can you walk? What about sitting on a recumbent bike? Can you lay on your back and move one knee towards your chest at a time and alternate? Can you lay on your back and slowly squeeze your butt and slowly stop squeezing for 2 minutes? 

If you find a movement you can do, celebrate and realize you just accomplished something massive because you have your first personal victory over chronic pain and you are no longer helpless. If you can not find a pain free movement reach out to us and let us help you virtually or in person, in my 13 years in exercise coaching I have rarely not been able to find at least one pain free movement, but in the rare cases where I could not I even have a protocol for people who can not even think about moving without causing pain so reach out for the specialized help you need.

Home Work

Pull up the course calendar

This week we will be focused on trying to do 4 mins of cardio for 4 days. Reference Week 3 in your pain Recovery Weekly Calendar

Pain Recovery Weekly Calendar

Thank you for coming on this journey with us

We are excited about what this resource will do to reframe pain in your life and get you back to daily life and movement again.

Remember take baby steps, you are not alone and your life is waiting for you again on the other side of this course, Till next time guys 🙂

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