Chronic pain patients and patients who are nervous about a recent injury feel helpless thinking they will never get better

People are scared to move, stuck pain catastrophizing, and traditional biomedical approaches have failed them

We are in the midst of a chronic pain epidemic. It is estimated that 126.1 million adults experience pain for over 3 months with 25.3 million suffering daily chronic pain.

It is not uncommon for people to go to over 5 different health care providers looking for answers and we are all too familiar with the opioid epidemic.

Learning about your pain will allow you to get back to moving,

And moving will allow to live your life free from pain

By teaching chronic pain patients that the tissue is no longer the issue we can shift focus to combat an over sensitive nervous system with graded movement.

Teaching pain science will also allow people with new injuries to become less fearful of moving strategically in the early phases post injury preventing them from getting stuck in a chronic pain cycle.

This course will help people with chronic pain and people with new injuries to become less fearful of moving strategically helping them break out of, or avoid the chronic injury trap

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Come on this journey with us to rediscover the joy of movement & live your life free from pain

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